Library Day

Library Day was celebrated on memory of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan‘s Birth Anniversary (father of Library Science) Before this occasions

CBSCA Library conducted the competitions like book review and article review. Winners are felicitated on this library day occasion. This year CBSCA Library felicitated following members with valuable awards

  1. Best reader from faculty : Ms. Shama Mulla (BBA)
  2. Best reader from Student : Mr. Hamid Sayyad (BSC)
  3. Best Article review from faculty : Ms.Aarti KulkarniMBBS
  4. Best Article review from Students : Mr. Nikhil Patne(BBA)
  5. Best book review from faculty : Megha Desai )BSC)
  6. Best book review from students: Ms. Neha Sonawane (BSC)
  7. Best book review from students(Marathi): Ms. Rajeshwari Mulimani

Ms. Archana Rode Librarian briefed about the significance of library day, Dr Aruna Deoskar Principle talk on how to write a Book Review . MrsArchana Rode  declares winners of the competitions (prize distribution)  Ms Asha More briefed on Reading Habit and  proposed vote of thanks.

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