Who can become regular member of Library ?

Students who have taken admission for BBA, BBA(CA), BSC(CS) course in ATSS CBSCA College can become regular member of the Library for that academic year.

What is the process of Become Library member?

Studnets should carry two photographs and fee receipt. After filling the details in the register you can get library membership Card.

What is the period of Library Membership?

Particular Course Durations is the period of Library Membership.


How many Library Books are issued and what is the periodicity?

Two Books are issued from circulation counter for a week’s


Is Library clearance necessary?

Yes library clearance is absolutely necessary after your course completion as your result and documents  will not be issued from the Administrative / Office window.


Can I donate books to the Library and what is the process?

Yes, books can be donated to library. They are scrutinized by concerned faculty and selected ones are accessioned (enrolled) in the library.


How do I suggest the library without getting in to the picture?

Students can put their remarks and suggestions into the suggestion box which is opened on every working  2nd and 4th Monday.


What is the penalty for losing a book?

User needs to replace the books or/and pay the current price with postage charges.


What is the late fee for delayed return?

The late fees is 1/- per day which is subjected to change. Genuine problem like medical, mishap will be entertained against proof signed by HODs of concerned programme.


What are Library timings?

8.00am to 6.00pm


Can the Library user place a request/requisition for a book?

Yes, the user can submit requisition form with sing of subject teacher or HOD. Form is available on circulation counter.