Reader’s Club

The purpose of the this Reading Club is:

  1. To inculcate reading habit among the students
  2. To encourage students to read the books, Journals, News papers
  3. connect passionate readers from different classes
  4. To give students the opportunity to practice public speaking and Meaningful discussion
  5. To give book lovers a place to share and gain valuable knowledge or information 

    Following Activities are going to be conducted through Reading Club

    1. Monthly Meeting
    2. Think N Blink (News Paper Reading & Cutting Regularly)
    3. Book Review Monthly./ Talk on Book
    4. Vocabulary Building Activities
    5. Important Days Celebration – (Hindi Diwas, Marathi Diwas, Reading Day,)
    6. Brain Storming Session on Various Points
    7. Conduct Various competitions for all
    8. Magazine and Journal Reading( small write up on the article or research paper)
    9. E –Content Sharing – Movies, Motivational Videos, Documentaries etc.


Reader’s Club Member’s

  1. Anita Mathapati (Faculty)
  2. Vishal Pawar (Faculty)
  3. Vinayak More (Faculty)
  4. Pratibha Suryawanshi( Faculty)
  5. Archana Rode (Librarian)
  6. Divya Phegade (Student)
  7. Mehreen Tamboli (Student)
  8. Atul Thakur (Student)
  9. Jessica Gadotti (Student)
  10. Kanchan Mandal(Student)
  11. Kaveri Kumbhar(Student)
  12. Rani Vishwakarma (Student)
  13. Karishma Patil(Student)
  14. Vaishnavi Garge (Student)