Library Broachers

ATSS CBSCA Library Broacher

Library Motto : “To develop the collection of Knowledge Resources at right time, with ensuring optimum utilization of the resources.”

Library Objective :

  •  To increase the valuable collection in line with the need of our users.
  • To attract the students towards the library and develop the reading habit amongst them.
  • To educate users about the library resources and services.
  • To increase the utilization of resources available in the library.
  • To Increase collaboration with stakeholders.

Brief Introduction:

  • College Library  is located at 2nd  floor  
  • Total area of the library : 157.27 sq.mts
  • Total seating capacity:  80 students
  • Open access is provided to students.
  • KOHA Software implementation is in process.

Library Timings :

8.00 am to 6.00pm 

Library Committee :

Name Designation
Dr. Aruna Deoskar Chairman (Principal)
Ms. Archana Rode Secretary (Librarian)
Ms. Anita Mathapati BBA Dept. (Member)
Ms. Vinaya Keskar BSC (CS) Dept. (Member)
Ms. Pooja Hule BBA(CA) Dept. (Member)
Mr. Vishal Pawar Electronic Dept. (Member)
Ms Megha Desai Mathematics & Statistics Dept.( Member)
Ms. Pratibha Suryawanshi Teacher Reprsentative ( Member)
Mr. Sachin Bhise BBA Student Representative
Ms. Samruddhi Kulkarni BBA(CA) Student Representative
Ms. Akshay Shinde BSC (CS) Student Representative


Library Collection :

  • Book : 5389
  • Journal : 15
  • Project Report : 447
  • CD/DVD : 637
  • E books 1034
  • E resources : NDL, 
  • News Paper : 6

Library Automation:

  1. Koha Software with OPAC

Library Section:

  • Reading Room
  • Log Book
  • New Arrival
  • Suggestion Box
  • News paper Section
  • Journals & Periodicals section
  • OPAC
  • Stacking  Room
    • Reference Section
    • Text Book Section
    • General Reading Book Section
    • Project Report Section
    • College Repository
    • College Publication
    • CD’s & DVD’s Section
  • Circulation counter

College Repository

  • I4 Journal
  • University Syllabus
  • Subjects wise notes
  • Institutional Magazine
  • College News letters
  • University Question Papers
  • Log book,
  • Notes,
  • Research Paper Published by Faculty Members,
  • e books,
  • Motivational videos.

Research Corner

  • Research Books
  • Faculty & Student Research Papers
  • Thesis & Dissertations

ATSS CBSCA Library provide support for all researchers by various way like helping them in finding relevant study material, Important links & information resources for research

Library Activities :

  • Library Orientation
  • Library Day Celebration
  • Book Review Competition
  • Book Exhibition
  • Reading Day.
  • Subject wise Book Orientation
  • Treasure Hunt

  Award to the Users:

  • Best Reader Award for Students
  • Best Reader Award for Faculty member


  • Book Lending Services : Text Books, Reference Books( 2 Books)
  • Reference Service: Question papers, project report, CDs, Journals & Magazine
  • Referral Service: PGRC Center and Jaykar Library.
  • Current Awareness Services: News papers, New arrivals
  • Selective Dissemination Services: News paper cutting, Conference alert.
  • Access- Open Access-Student personally can select his book from stacking area.
  • E services- soft copy of Syllabus, University Question Papers
  • Media Services: CD’s and DVD’s of books and magazines are issued to the students
  • Printing and Copying Services : for only Academic Purpose
  • Communication with App & Mail: Notices sent through the Flint app or mail.

 Library Resources:

  • Reference Books
  • Text Books
  • General Reading Books
  • Journals & Magazines
  • Internal and External Project Reports
  • News papers

 Association with :

  • Jaykar Library SPPU pune.
  • PG Research Centre of Parent Trust.

Library Rules & Regulations 

  • Book will not be issued without library card/ membership card.
  • Student can issue up to 2 books at one time for 7 days.
  • Students should return the books or renew it on or before date given on the due date slip of the book.
  • Student can issue one CD per day and magazine/journal for two days.
  • Student can issue syllabus and old Exam papers for one day. They have to return it back before 11:00am of next day.
  • If a student looses/misplaces any book he/she has to replace the same with new book.
  • Project report will be issued only for reading in the library after submitting the I-Card. They cannot be taken out of Library.
  • Students should enter their names in library log book, before using the library Facility.

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